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Recently ‘Friends of Habiba’, Joris, Lieve, Lydie, Kris and Nader were kind enough to donate a new industrial sewing machine. This would enable new product development and training for local women.

In their search for the sewing machine, Mahmoud Sokkar of ‘Sokkar Mecca’- Siruba Industrial Sewing Machines, was so touched by the work that “Habiba Gallery” was doing with the local women that a further 9 sewing machines were donated by him. That same evening a truck was hired to bring the machines to Luxor with staff to assist in machine assembly and training. How fantastic this is for the women in Luxor and nearby villages.

Contact is now being made with the needy to install these machines in their homes so training and income can now be achieved.

Many thanks to Joris, Lieve, Lydie, Kris, Nader and Mr Mahmoud for their donation.

Habiba Gallery will keep you posted with the products that are developed.

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